Anna Wandrey

I was born in Germany in 1988 and went to the Waldorf school in Überlingen all my childhood and youth. That is where I learned to express my own being through art, creating with my hands.
Later it was a few years traveling to distant countries, investigating and looking for something that would fill myself. The path led me to work with Tibetan culture, touching Buddhism and finding meditation as an inner look. I learned that: Wherever you go, your house is inside of you.
In 2015 I studied art-therapy and art-education at Alanus University in Bonn Germany.
In 2018 I found the Manuvision technique, which is revealed as the union of inner work at the level of emotions, the soul and body.
The energy that is launched in this work, in body work, fills me deeply and makes each encounter a gift.
I am currently entitled in the Manuvision technique in Barcelona and Copenhagen since 2019.
Contact: +34 666 393 434