Carlota Abreu de Almeida

Hello, I am Carlota, Portuguese, and I have lived in Barcelona for 3 years.
Being a professional athlete all my life has shown me that the body is a fundamental way to self-knowledge, but it was through my personal experiences, and some challenging experiences, that I understood that the way we relate to pain influences the way we feel.
My approach in a treatment follows two main paths that almost always work together: One is to help improve bad posture, muscle tension or injuries that may be causing pain or discomfort, so that you have better freedom of movement, and the other is to help you interpret and recognize the information that your body gives you and improve self-regulation processes in situations of stress, anxiety and depression.
Consultations last approximately 1h15 and charge €35.
I speak Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.
Contact: +34 666 355 947