Clara Peters

Originally from the United States, I have lived in Italy and now in Spain for most of my life. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Italian Studies and then went on to study performing arts through circus, dance, theater, meditation and yoga. It was through my pursuit of self-discovery, movement and human connection, that I was introduced to Manuvision.
My encounter with Manuvision changed my life. My experience with and knowledge of the body, emotions and expression allow me to be creative and intuitive in each encounter. Stress, anxiety and our emotions have direct effects on our well-being. You cannot look at health without taking into consideration the person and listening to what is really happening inside. I work with the nervous system and movement to release internal tensions and help restore natural, full and unrestricted breathing.
With an empathetic approach I work to free joints, loosen muscles, and open meridian channels, allowing life to flow freely through the body once again, leaving one with a sense of overall relief. Each treatment is unique, authentic and individualized and works directly with what is in the body at the time of the encounter.
Languages: English, Spanish & Italian
Contact: 697879095