Jean Baptiste Monmont

Jb was born in France in 1981. He has lived in several countries, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Indonesia and Spain, where he currently resides. During his youth he devoted himself to the practice of various sports such as tennis, swimming, rugby and kitesurfing, among others.
His extensive cultural background develops in him the ability to connect with people, understanding the diversity with a singular naturalness, which makes it recognizable for its charismatic way of being that invites openness, sympathy and confident surrender.
In 2015, he began a personal process in search of physical well-being that, due to the rhythm of life he led, managing a large restaurants business, he could not find.
After trying various techniques, in his first session of Manuvision treatment he decides
immediately to do the therapist training, with the intention of deepening into it, because of the resonance that he felt clearly and emphatically. His goal was to heal himself without the intention of becoming a therapist. During the course of that revealing training experience he was able to recognize his potential through contact with himself and with others.
Since then he has guided trainings and offered treatments developing
his own language and sensitivity. This led him to radically change his lifestyle. He currently lives and manages a permaculture center, where the relationship between
nature, environment and human being is his main subject of occupation.
Contact: +34 659 849 051