Katinka van Cranenburgh

Manuvision therapist and trainer / In-Company Manuvsion account manager
In my early years living in the Netherlands, I did all what I thought was expected of me: school, university, a successful business career, building a house for my family and maintaining a social network. At the age of 46, I obtained my PhD in management and was global human rights manager at a large multinational.
Using words, I expressed my feelings of being fortunate for all the opportunities I received. But my emotional life was hidden somewhere in my body, in a place I could hardly access. I regarded my body as something I needed to take care of as it supported my brain. In effect, I had turned into a brain in front of a screen.
When I discovered Manuvision in 2016, I started the journey of 30 cm from my head to my heart (and the rest of my body). Whilst that is a short physical distance, it is actually the most beautiful expedition I made: tapping into my bodily intelligence and shifting from describing feelings to expressing emotions.
And my journey doesn’t stop here. Besides being a therapist and physical trainer, I have set up In-Company Manuvision, an employee wellbeing program for progressive companies that value their employees and want to create positive impact.
Just call or WhatsApp me for individual treatments at the Manuvision house in Poblenou or for an employee wellbeing program at your office.
Contact: +34 655 1313 25

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