I am Manuvision Body Therapist certified in Barcelona and Copenhagen Denmark.
I am humanistic, curious and passionate about the emotional, relational, body, its expressions and how we inhabit it.
My relationship with Manuvision is long, complex, deep and transformative. My first treatment, I received it more than 15 years ago. I can’t forget the feeling of having returned to my body again. As if I had removed the costume with which I learned to survive in this hostile world. It was intense and absolutely revealing.
I am convinced, that Manuvision as therapy, is a great tool to return to the essential, a way to express what body-mind-emotion keeps unconsciously. Childhood experiences, traumas, repressed emotions, express themselves with different symptoms. I accompany you in your process from empathy, relationship, listening and experience.
Dedicate much of my life to work with the body and the world of entertainment. I was a professional trapeze, acrobat, actress.
I am a mother of a wonderful 10 -year -old girl, Maternar changed my life. I created a pedagogical project with respectful look at childhoods. I accompany creatures through the movement with pedagogies such as living education, free free game, emotional psychomotor, ATB (Awareness Through the body) and empathic communication, among others.
Energy food, naturopathy and Chinese medicine, also crossed my life.
Contact: 34 633 789 810