Mathieu Destoppeleire

Manuvision Student, Pericardium Release Therapist.
My name is Mathieu, I am French, born and raised in Cameroon – Africa.
My travels have taught me a lot about myself, as well as about human beings. Thanks to the many experiences and adventures that I have had, to my stays in Zen and Buddhist temples, to the many people I have met, to the anger, the joy, the expectations, the surprises, the ups, the downs, the loves, I finally found my way: I wanted to be a therapist and help the people around me to germinate this seed that our bodies carry. Nurture it, water it, help it grow, because, like a plant, it will wither if we do not care for it, if we do not cradle it with love, tenderness and compassion.
I firmly believe that it is by serving others that you find yourself. In fact, the etymology of the word therapist means “Servant of God,” or “Someone who cares.”
With this objective I began to complement my theoretical knowledge, acquired empirically through my travels, my intuition and my observation, with training courses to get closer to my goal. First in Chile, then in Catalonia.
After returning to my roots in Africa and traveling through Asia, Europe, South America and Eastern Europe, I arrived in Barcelona, where I have lived since 2016. It is here that I discovered ManuVision, and it was a revelation! I wanted to add this method to those I had learned in order to be as complete as possible in my treatments.
Contacto : +34633256606 – @radices_corporis