Miguel Angel Soto

Hello, my name is Miguel. I was born in the south of Chile and, since I was a child, I showed great enthusiasm for sports. I practiced artistic gymnastics, athletics, mountaineering and sport climbing, becoming part of the national team in the latter.
In the year 2000 I moved to Barcelona where I began to venture into the performing arts. Always curious about bodywork, I trained in the field of physical theater and aerial circus techniques, thus creating my own body vocabulary that led me to work in various shows with which I traveled throughout Europe and other destinations in the world.
I found out about Manuvision in 2010 and with each treatment I received, I found the relief I was looking for.
Training myself as a therapist is for me, a way of continuing to deepen my knowledge of the body from another angle, this time not for myself, but for others. This work is for me, a way to accompany and help people to connect with their body and emotions in a safe way, in order to open up to eliminate physical, psychological and emotional ailments.
Contact: +34 622 559 250