Patricia Mas

I am Patri, dancer, actress, pedagogue, performer and Manuvision student.
I create somatic artistic experiences that seek to expand expressiveness through play, movement and aesthetic experience.
The story of my life has placed me on a fine line between acceptance and social exclusion, a characteristic that has allowed me to navigate and learn from both worlds while catalyzing my artistic expression and my desire to investigate traumatic processes.
The relational part, meeting people and creating bonds, is what has grounded and humanized me: without a habit in this sense, I feel a lack of reality and spontaneity.
It is for this reason that I entered the Manuvision path, since the objective of this treatment pairs with any creative act that I create: that it is alive, that it moves, that it has meaning and that it is honest. I use everything in my power to go in that direction.
Art, along with the body as an instrument, are my guide and vehicle. Both allow me to evolve on a professional and personal level. Therefore, it is through these channels that I like to offer myself to the world.
The movement of life reminds me that the possibilities are endless and that life is a dance.
If you would like me to accompany you on this path of discovery, I am here.
Patri Mas +34 680 395 357
Mataró and Barcelona