Sebastián Cramer

I have been working as a Manuvision therapist since 2018, in Barcelona, Argentina, and now in Mallorca.
My journey began even before I was born. I was conceived in Istanbul, born in Argentina, and grew up as a Third Culture Kid between Brazil, Germany, and South Africa. I grew up feeling disconnected from where I belonged and tried to fill this void with hobbies, parties, and unhealthy habits. These early traumatic experiences initiated my search for healing my wounds and the quest for the meaning of life.
As an adult, I continued my migration, living in different countries and trying out different lifestyles and professions: from being a street artist to working as a manager in an international company. Until I realized that I needed to search inside myself, recognize my condition, and discover my ability to heal myself.
My life journey, marked by constant movement and cultural contrast, has given me a unique ability to connect with and understand people on a deep level. Manuvision was a milestone on this journey and after my first session, I knew I wanted to become a Manuvision therapist.
Contact: +34 624 817 667