Manuvision therapists in Barcelona

Founder, Therapist and Trainer

Steffen Lundsgaard

Contact: +34 695 12 90 48

I was born in Denmark in 1972. I have been working in show business since I was 18 years old. Traveled, worked and studied almost all over the world. I was trained in the field of theater, dance and circus, acquiring a wide knowledge of the body and its importance as a channel of expression, both physical and emotional.
I was educated as a MANUVISION therapist in Århus, Denmark. Since 2007 I work as a MANUVISION therapist and trainer. I graduated as a Hypnotherapist in 2010. I founded the first MANUVISION house in Barcelona. Since 2011 I have been working as a MANUVISION Teacher both in Denmark and in Barcelona.
Since 2013 I work as a therapist for the Tinkoff-Saxo cycling team in the most important races.
Contact: +34 695 12 90 48
Manuvision therapist

Jean Baptiste Monmont

Contact: +34 659 849 051

Jb was born in France in 1981. He has lived in several countries, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Indonesia and Spain, where he currently resides. During his youth he devoted himself to the practice of various sports such as tennis, swimming, rugby and kitesurfing, among others.
His extensive cultural background develops in him the ability to connect with people, understanding the diversity with a singular naturalness, which makes it recognizable for its charismatic way of being that invites openness, sympathy and confident surrender.
In 2015, he began a personal process in search of physical well-being that, due to the rhythm of life he led, managing a large restaurants business, he could not find.
After trying various techniques, in his first session of Manuvision treatment he decides
immediately to do the therapist training, with the intention of deepening into it, because of the resonance that he felt clearly and emphatically. His goal was to heal himself without the intention of becoming a therapist. During the course of that revealing training experience he was able to recognize his potential through contact with himself and with others.
Since then he has guided trainings and offered treatments developing
his own language and sensitivity. This led him to radically change his lifestyle. He currently lives and manages a permaculture center, where the relationship between
nature, environment and human being is his main subject of occupation.
Contacto: +34 659 849 051
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Martin Mugular

Contact: +34 654 856 520

I work through the human body to facilitate processes of consciousness, personal development and self-knowledge, with the aim of awakening the corporal intelligence: a simple way for self-healing. Fatigue, stress, trauma, relationships and work, all come together to a state of extremely high mental and physical pressure. My intent is to work with you to alleviate it through the body.
I have a degree in the MANUVISION technique in Barcelona and Copenhagen, and as an instructor in the Vivation circular breathing technique, at the Institut Gomà in Barcelona.
I also have a degree in Communication and Social Sciences and have worked as a journalist, editor, designer and illustrator.
Contact +34 654 856 520
Manuvision therapist

Anna Wandrey

Contact: +49 1573 8323 832

I was born in Germany in 1988 and went to the Waldorf school in Überlingen all my childhood and youth. This is where I learned to express my own being through art creating with my own hands.
Do you have any pain, tension, anxiety, stress or some other reason or emotion that you want to clarify? Or you just want to give yourself the opportunity to connect with yourself again?
I invite you to discover these blocks or traumas and dissolve them with me, accompanying you to discover a path towards relaxation and finding your own energy.
I work with the MANUVISION technique and with techniques of deep psychology such as with the 'inner child' and the internal constellation work that allow to inquire into the level of subconsciousness and the soul.
Tel: +34 666393434
WhatsApp: +49 1573 8323832
Body therapist, philosopher and music

Aina Godoy Vilà

Contact: +34 625 730 706

More than a decade ago, a herniated disc in the lumbar area took me on a journey of therapies, doctors and rehabilitation. After years of searching, luckily i met Steffen, founder of Manuvision Barcelona. Together we hit the key to recover my health. Body therapy (massage), fasting and training restored my health and a greater awareness of myself.
I had the opportunity to train as a body therapist in the Danish Manuvision technique, thus being able to accompany other people who suffer from a physical, emotional or existential ailment.
Currently I combine my work as a therapist and trainer with teaching in philosophy, psychology and sociology. I also run workshops and courses on postural reeducation, mindfulness and meditation.
Contact: +34 625 730 706
Manuvision therapist, japanese Reiki Usui

Marta Folch

Contact: +34 646 118 471

I have been working at the Manuvision Barcelona house for 4 years as a body therapist, helping people to improve their relationships, to be more aware, to know each other through the body, to discover their own potential and to balance energetically and spiritually.
Educated as a therapist at the Manuvision school in Barcelona and Copenhagen, and in the traditional Reiki method of Dr. Usui in Barcelona.
I am also an Official Tourism Guide of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, and a teacher at the Formatic Barcelona University School, and a professional photographer.
Manuvision therapist and osteopath

Yulia Vitko

Contact: +34 649 49 19 76

I was born in Ukraine in 1988 and at the age of 14th I moved to Barcelona.
I have always been attracted to working with the human body and its nature.
I started with body therapy in 2008. I trained as a chiropractor at CIM, Barcelona.
In 2013 I studied 4 years at the EMPO School of Organic Psycho-Osteopathy, Barcelona.
The discovery of Manuvision and the subsequent two-year training that ended in December 2018, were for me the total turning point both personally and professionally.
Manuvision taught me empathy, courage and naturalness by being guided by my intuition, completely changing the way I feel about life and therefore approaching a treatment making it more human, close, fun and always surprising.
Contact: +34 649 49 19 76
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Tathiana Loureiro

Contact: +34 607 31 19 72

I was born in Brazil and I have been in Catalonia for more than 20 years, half of my life.
Respect and curiosity for the human being prompted me to look for ways to stay healthy and to work with what has worked for me. In my body treatment I use a strong, intuitive and deep massage so that you can feel lighter and more harmonious. I am very good at relieving lumbago, arm and cervical pain.
I give stretching classes where we unblock energy and end up with a lot of vigor and flexibility.
Once a year I gather a group to fast together, it is 4 days course where I guide the activities and we end up physically rejuvenated, with a clear mind and strengthened emotions.
If you want to free yourself from tension, stiffness, discomfort, pain or feel more empowered, contact me.
See you soon!
Contact: +34 607 31 19 72