Manuvision Training

Inspired by traditional forms of movement, adapted to modern humans.

MANUVISION training relaxes joints and muscles, stimulates circulation, provides increased body awareness, promotes balance, and strengthens the body's performance.
Work with dynamic exercises, stretches, and postures that relax the entire body.
The breath focuses and coordinates with the movement patterns of the body. The correlations between body and mind become conscious.
MANUVISION training prevents injuries and is a strong complement to Manuvision treatment.

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Manuvision training
Exercises for the body and mind

MANUVISION training unites the best elements of yoga and traditional karate in a single discipline. These traditional exercises contain centuries-old knowledge on how to strengthen and provide free flow in the body.

Training is a direct way to release old tensions, gain presence, and find inner peace. It opens us up, both physically and mentally, and provides us with a way to heal and maintain the body.

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