What is it? How does it work?

- MANUVISION treatment is deep and comprehensive. A one-hour session of body therapy on a stretcher, (the patient lies down and the therapist works on their body, releasing muscles and joints, trying to go further with breathworks).
The tools help one to discover their own bodily intelligence, creating space for a profound sense of wholeness. Some of the techniques we use to relax the body include: massage, pressure points, stretching, reflexology, and joint release. We seek to expand the breath allowing the body to flow more deeply and freely. The work focuses on the connections between body, mind and emotions.
- Manuvision bodywork is a complementary approach proposal that contributes to overcome injuries and traumas, both recent and chronic: muscle tension, headache, back problems, whiplash, lumbago or sprains.
- We have a lot of experience accompanying and helping people who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. MANUVISION is an effective method to help with physical pathologies but also as a way of approaching emotional problems, complementary to psychotherapeutic work. It is a comprehensive unblocking system for the entire organism that works both at the physical and mental level from the body, through massage, breathing and other attention and relaxation techniques. It operates on the emotional and, therefore, it has positive consequences on the psychological level.
- Our treatments can also be significant supplements for alleviating symptoms associated with a serious illness, as increased body flow increases the body’s ability to heal itself.

Treatment? Therapy? Massage? .... How can we describe it? Maybe we can call it: a relief!
We have a tendency to complicate everything, we get confused, when what we need is perhaps very simple. However, the simple part is always the most difficult part.
Most people who have received treatment report noticing that everyday life feels simpler and easier. What once seemed confusing is no longer confusing. Suddenly, doors begin to open, and we find the energy to walk through them. It is felt in the body, in the emotions and also to a great extent in the mind. There is a movement where something had been blocked, where life was stagnant. Poetically expressed, something has "come back to life."

How does it work?
We start by treating the body, because that is where we can start. It is the body that tells us that something is wrong and it is the body that suffers the consequences of all of our actions. These consequences are tensions, blockages and, therefore, pain. Pains and tensions that haunt us in our daily lives.
Life will return when feelings can run freely through the body. When feelings have space, we can relate better, we can relate to ourselves and feel what we want or do not want! When we know how we feel, we can relate better to others. We can relate and feel a little more vulnerable to our own untapped potential, to feel our place in the world and for the world.
Perhaps it is our difficulty to relate to ourselves that makes us sick, and having the ability to relate again is what makes us healthy!
In a treatment we aim to give people the opportunity to discover a different sense of themselves. Experiencing that they have more potential at their disposal, that is different from what they believe to know and in which they feel trapped.
It is a great privilege to be asked for help and to be with people who are looking for something. That is why we are here.

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