Therapist Education 2024

Informative session for future Therapists

The next session is in November 28th 2023

A 4-hour meeting created to explain how our educational system works: training, meditation, treatment and personal development.
If you are interested in beo¡come a Manuvision therapist, it is essential that you attend one of this sessions, it is an opportunity to experience the way our education works and clear all your doubts.
To do our 2 year's Education Program, it is not necessary to be a masseur, athlete or therapist. Our education can be accessed by anyone who wants to work in a group, know their limits and find new opportunities to work with others.
The session is completely FREE.
Dates of next Session:
Dates of next meetings:
November 28th, 2023
Contact us for more details.

24 days Fasting Course

Manuvision Fasting Course

The next fast begins on april 1st 2024

Fasting at Manuvision is a much-needed rest and reset for the body and psyche. Our fasting course is a 4-week program, plus a 4-day nature retreat in which we will do training, massages, walks, receive a lot of information about the functioning of the organs and lots of rest.
Fasting for an extended period of time helps break down superfluous tissue and remove old waste materials that the body is unable to eliminate while managing daily food. It also deeply cleanses the muscles, skin, organs and their cells.
Fasting strengthens circulation, sharpens the senses, excretes waste products, regulates combustion and metabolism, provides a lot of self-knowledge.
April. Friday 12th 10:00 AM. Ending: Sunday 14th 3:00 PM
Place: Cal Viso

3 days in the Nature. October 27th to 29th 2023

Manuvision Autum Retreat

A retreat in nature to discover and learn the pillars of our therapeutic system: body treatment, training and meditation, effective for both physical and emotional problems. Meticulously created to help you connect with yourself, get to know your body better, explore the way you relate to the world and test your limits. Created for all kinds of audiences who are curious about delving into personal development and emotional work through the body and also for therapists who wants to reconnect with their work from another persepective or broaden their horizons.
27-28-29 October
Entry Friday 27th - 5:00 p.m. Departure Sunday 29th - 5:00 p.m.
Price. 350 euros
Location: Rural hostel el negre (Girona):