Manuvision therapists in Barcelona

Founder, Therapist and Trainer

Steffen Lundsgaard

Contact: +34 695 129 048

I was born in Denmark in 1972. I have been working in show business since I was 18 years old. Traveled, worked and studied almost all over the world. I was trained in the field of theater, dance and circus, acquiring a wide knowledge of the body and its importance as a channel of expression, both physical and emotional.
I was educated as a MANUVISION therapist in Århus, Denmark. Since 2007 I work as a MANUVISION therapist and trainer. I graduated as a Hypnotherapist in 2010. I founded the first MANUVISION house in Barcelona. Since 2011 I have been working as a MANUVISION Teacher both in Denmark and in Barcelona.
Since 2013 I work as a therapist for the Tinkoff-Saxo cycling team in the most important races.
Contact: +34 695 12 90 48
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Jean Baptiste Monmont

Contact: +34 659 849 051

Jb was born in France in 1981. He has lived in several countries, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Indonesia and Spain, where he currently resides. During his youth he devoted himself to the practice of various sports such as tennis, swimming, rugby and kitesurfing, among others.
His extensive cultural background develops in him the ability to connect with people, understanding the diversity with a singular naturalness, which makes it recognizable for its charismatic way of being that invites openness, sympathy and confident surrender.
In 2015, he began a personal process in search of physical well-being that, due to the rhythm of life he led, managing a large restaurants business, he could not find.
After trying various techniques, in his first session of Manuvision treatment he decides
immediately to do the therapist training, with the intention of deepening into it, because of the resonance that he felt clearly and emphatically. His goal was to heal himself without the intention of becoming a therapist. During the course of that revealing training experience he was able to recognize his potential through contact with himself and with others.
Since then he has guided trainings and offered treatments developing
his own language and sensitivity. This led him to radically change his lifestyle. He currently lives and manages a permaculture center, where the relationship between
nature, environment and human being is his main subject of occupation.
Contact: +34 659 849 051
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Martin Mugular

Contact: +34 654 856 520

I work through the human body to facilitate processes of consciousness, personal development and self-knowledge, with the aim of awakening the corporal intelligence: a simple way for self-healing. Fatigue, stress, trauma, relationships and work, all come together to a state of extremely high mental and physical pressure. My intent is to work with you to alleviate it through the body.
I have a degree in the MANUVISION technique in Barcelona and Copenhagen, and as an instructor in the Vivation circular breathing technique, at the Institut Gomà in Barcelona.
I also have a degree in Communication and Social Sciences and have worked as a journalist, editor, designer and illustrator.
Contact +34 654 856 520
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Miguel Angel Soto

Contact: +34 622 559 250

Hello, my name is Miguel. I was born in the south of Chile and, since I was a child, I showed great enthusiasm for sports. I practiced artistic gymnastics, athletics, mountaineering and sport climbing, becoming part of the national team in the latter.
In the year 2000 I moved to Barcelona where I began to venture into the performing arts. Always curious about bodywork, I trained in the field of physical theater and aerial circus techniques, thus creating my own body vocabulary that led me to work in various shows with which I traveled throughout Europe and other destinations in the world.
I found out about Manuvision in 2010 and with each treatment I received, I found the relief I was looking for.
Training myself as a therapist is for me, a way of continuing to deepen my knowledge of the body from another angle, this time not for myself, but for others. This work is for me, a way to accompany and help people to connect with their body and emotions in a safe way, in order to open up to eliminate physical, psychological and emotional ailments.
Contact: +34 622 559 250
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Aina Godoy Vilà

Contact: +34 625 730 706

Born in Figueres (Girona 1981). Graduated in philosophy at the Ramón Llull University and as a trainer and body therapist of the Manuvision technique in Barcelona and Copenhagen.
Physical ailments and emotional discomfort are wonderful opportunities to open up to the world and ourselves. My job is primarily to help release tension, stress and suffering, and allow a sense of relief to take its place.
I believe that all people have enormous potential and my job is to help them cross that limit or resistance that prevents us from moving forward.
I currently combine my work as a philosophy teacher, therapist and trainer. I also conduct work and body awareness courses for teachers and companies.
As the thinker S. Kierkegaard said: 'If you take a step into the unknown you are lost for a moment, if you never take it you are lost forever'.
I am waiting for you to jump.
Contact: +34 625 730 706
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Katinka van Cranenburgh

Contact: +34 655 131 325

In my early years living in the Netherlands, I did all what I thought was expected of me: school, university, a successful business career, building a house for my family and maintaining a social network. At the age of 46, I obtained my PhD in management and was global human rights manager at a large multinational.
Using words, I expressed my feelings of being fortunate for all the opportunities I received. But my emotional life was hidden somewhere in my body, in a place I could hardly access. I regarded my body as something I needed to take care of as it supported my brain. In effect, I had turned into a brain in front of a screen.
When I discovered ManuVision in 2016, I started the journey of 30 cm from my head to my heart (and the rest of my body). Whilst that is a short physical distance, it is actually the most beautiful expedition I made: tapping into my bodily intelligence and shifting from describing feelings to expressing emotions.
And my journey doesn’t stop here. As a therapist, I aim to connect with others who want to safely experience what it is to be mindless; being freed from mental functions such as thinking and memorizing. That is good for the body and the emotions stored inside of it. Actually, it is good for the brain as well. It gives the brain a break.
Words may help connect, but just words are not enough. ManuVision treatment, a combination of massage and breathing techniques, allows bodily sensing and sense-making.
My therapy is priced such that people with limited wallets can also benefit. Just call or WhatsApp me for more information:
+34 655 1313 25
Manuvision therapist and trainer. Osteopath

Yulia Vitko

Contact: +34 649 491 976

I am from Ukraine, I moved to Barcelona when I was a kid and the truth is that I have always been curious about how the human body works, its emotions and the reasons for its dysfunctions. By intuition and coincidence, I went down the path of body therapy, in 2008 I trained as a chiropractor and then I continued to deepen. In 2013 I studied 4 years at the renowned EMPO school of psycho-osteopathy in Barcelona and then by chance I discovered Manuvision technique and I loved it!
The subsequent 2-year education program, which ended in December 2018, was for me a total turning point in my life, both professionally and personally.
Manuvision taught me empathy and courage to guide me myself by intuition, it completely changed my way of perceiving life and treatment, making it deeper, more human, closer and more fun.
Contact: +34 649 491 976
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Oliver Bals

Contact: +34 647 974 385

Born in Germany in 1967, I grew up in Essen, later lived in Berlin until I moved to Barcelona in 1996.
At the age of 16 I became a student of a master in Chinese martial arts and this encounter deeply marked my relationship with my body and the experience of living in the world through it.
Practicing Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong I discovered conscious movement, meditation and the benefits of both for physical, mental and emotional health. I continued exploring and studied other martial arts, massage techniques, dance, yoga, climbing... - every conscious movement enriches us, makes us more human.
On a professional level, however, life took me along other paths. I graduated in architecture and - in one way or another – I always orbited around the world of design and construction.
When I received the first Manuvision treatment, I felt that everything I had experienced was here, united in one system. I decided to change course and finally build my profession out of my passion for the human body.
And here I am, disposed to accompany people with my hands, with my presence - people who want to get in touch with themselves through their body and their emotions and, together pursue liberation step by step.
Contact: +34 647 974 385
Manuvision therapist, japanese Reiki Usui

Marta Folch

Contact: +34 646 118 471

Since 2017 I have been working as a body therapist at the Manuvision House in Barcelona, helping people to improve their relationships, to be more aware, to know themselves through the body, to discover their own potential and to balance themselves energetically and spiritually.
Graduated as a therapist at the Manuvision school in Barcelona and Copenhagen, and in the traditional Reiki method of Dr. Usui, in Barcelona.
I work as a Licensed Tourism Guide for Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, and also as a teacher at the Formatic Barcelona University School. I am a professional photographer and cultural manager at the University of Barcelona (UB).
If you think that the time has come to change your life and discover what is hidden in your deepest side, or you simply need to release tension, I will be delighted to receive you and accompany you.
Contact: +34 646 118 471
Manuvision therapist and trainer

Javier Fernandez

Contact: +34 615 268 224

Born and raised in a small Argentinian town, father of a beautiful child and tireless explorer of life.
Graduated in physical activity and sports sciences. Master's degree in high performance sports.
I have worked in different branches as a monitor, physical trainer, sports analyst, etc.
Knowing Manuvision´s technique awakened in me another concept of working with the body. My eagerness to learn and teach, brought me here, learning and enjoying each treatment. Helping people to get out of their armor and experience vulnerability, to let themselves be seen to expose their fears and illusions to the world, being able to recover the authenticity and spontaneity of being, without fear of judgment.
Contact: +34 615 26 82 24