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Manuvision 2 year's Education Program
We offers a two year training program that consists of more than 1000 hours of training and therapeutic practice. It is based on learning a wide range of disciplines and tools tailored to each student, whether or not they are experienced in massage techniques.
The program discovers how to detect the signals of the body, the movements of the emotions and the blocks of the mind, a knowledge that will contribute a significant improvement in the quality of life of the student and their clients. It is a two year program of training and intense work taking place Barcelona.

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Study Manuvision: A career path and opportunity for personal discovery

Our perspective

In 2 years you will learn to be a Manuvision body therapist and to treat physical and mental disorders with your hands. For us, body therapy is more than an art. It is creating an empathetic relationship with the person you are treating, as well as awakening our sensory apparatus in order to read the language of the body.

Learn the trade of body therapy and all that it takes to work professionally as a body therapist. You will learn the tools and systems that come into play to treat a human being and understand the connection between body, emotions and thoughts. You will learn in-depth massage techniques, joint release, conversation technique, meridian theory and introduction to the nervous system and the importance of breathing.
“We will teach you the tools and systems that come into play to treat a human being and understand the connection between the body, emotions and thoughts.”

Empathy is what makes technique and treatment work. It is what allows you to read the language of the body and to know a human being behind his facade and defense mechanisms. Therefore, a large part of the Manuvision Education consists of sharpening the senses and training the attention necessary to create a relationship with the person you are dealing with as well as with yourself.

You cannot finish the Manuvision Education without experiencing it within yourself. Working through your conflicts is necessary in order to find the presence to have another human being in your hands, and to be able to find the professionalism that is required of a Manuvision body therapist. Your emotional record will come to life and your coping mechanisms will be put to the test. Therefore, personal development is a natural consequence of Manuvision Education.

When you start the Manuvision Education you become part of a community. During the two years we are part of a large group, both teachers and students, who have a common goal: to make each student a competent body therapist, and we all have the potential to be that. The process is a very collaborative project. Therefore we are always very attentive to the group dynamics that arise during the process, and we use them constructively for the development of all.

Students who have completed education often report how strongly they experienced the community when they were immersed in the process, and how difficult it is to experience something similar elsewhere.

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Retreats and Personal Development

As an integral part of the learning process in the Manuvision program, we conduct internships, both in Germany and Sweden, where we have time to immerse ourselves intensively in work.

In the second module we go to the mountains of Germany. In the tranquility of nature we work deeply on what we understand by treatment and therapy, and what distinguishes it from massage and simple technique.

In the fourth module of our program, the trip takes place in the Swedish forests. In an ideal environment, we come together to train, treat, meditate, and build our relationships. As a natural part of the education program, the retreat in Sweden also focuses on the importance of nature for the presence and attention to one’s own development.

During the Manuvision Education Program, you work on yourself and scan your blind spots. This can also open your eyes to new directions in life, both professionally and privately.

Professionally, education offers opportunities for a new and different work life:
It can be as a full-time freelance body therapist.
It can be a supplement or a superstructure of your current profession.
And as specialists in the treatment of serious injuries and professional athletes, Manuvision also offers continuous training in elite sports and “shock and trauma” in Copenhagen.
On a personal level, our program can generate both internal and external changes. As you develop the ability to feel yourself and feel in another human being, you also develop the ability to form close and meaningful relationships. And feel what is important to you and where you should move in life.

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Torben Svendsen about Manuvision Therapist Education in Barcelona

Torben Svedsen is one of the teachers at Manuvision Therapists Education in Barcelona.
He has trained high level karate for 35 years and is a 7th degree black belt (7th dan). He has a great understanding of oriental body wisdom, with a sense of tradition, precision and discipline to share with students.

In this video he gives us an idea of how the Education works