Manuvision Education Program

Practical information

The complete course lasts 2 years and consists of:
12 weekends (full-time), 10 5-day intensive courses and 2 retreats: 1 in Germany and another in Sweden (all inclusive).
2 intensive retreats focused on fasting, diet and internal cleansing
Annual personal evaluation + Annual group evaluation
Permanent contact teacher throughout the process

5 intensives of 5 days
6 Intensives of 2 days (weekend)
1 3-day fasting retreat
1 5-day retreat in Germany

5 intensives of 5 days
6 Intensives of 2 days (weekend)
1 3-day fasting retreat
1 7-day retreat in Sweden (all inclusive)
Final exam. (To take the final exam, you must attend the full two year program).
A total of 90 full days of practice and study over the two years.
Teaching will be done in Spanish and English and there will always be a teacher and an assistant available.
All classes take place in Barcelona except for the indicated retreats in Germany and Sweden.

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Contents and structure of the Education Program

The Manuvision Fundamental Trainer and Therapist Education Program is divided into four consecutive modules, each lasting 6 months.
The modules can only be taken in the order established to be able to attend the exam at the end of the fourth and last module. Each of the modules has its independent characteristics with reference to training topics.

Module 1

Fundamental Treatment Techniques Introduction to the role of breathing and the practice of meditation
Self-awareness and perception exercises
Introduction to Manuvision's way of working with psychology in treatment
Understanding emotions
Pulsation as the basis of treatment
Work with your own posture
Fasting retreat

Module 2

Further development of treatment techniques.
Retrat in Germany
Examine the difference between massage and treatment.
Sensory and relationship exercises
Working with empathy
The conversation in treatment
Introduction to joint release
Individual assessment

Module 3

Immersion in treatment techniques
Working with cases
Group work: immerse yourself in a specific area within the treatment.
Immersion in empathy
Joint release: neck, back and other joints
Individual assessment
Fasting retreat

Module 4

Retreat in Sweden
Being able to master a treatment, psychologically and physically.
Specific physical/mental disorders
Release of all joints
Immersion in the back