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In-Company Manuvision


For improving your financials in terms of reducing costs of non-engaged staff, staff turn-over, sick-leave and burn-outs, to enhancing your recruitment, engagement and retainment of top talent, the In-Company Manuvision program is your way to go. It increases employee engagement and improves mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.
Set and measure your own employee wellbeing improvement goals and agree upon a tailored program, accessible to all employees, no matter what their current healthcare status is. Connect individual employee health improvements with your compensation and benefits program.
Choose from live, face-to-face mindfulness, training and stretching group-sessions with constantly changing exercises, adapted to the type of work your employees do, connecting to the corporate culture, and creating peer to peer motivation and team building. Agree upon who can sign up for individual treatments; either before, during or after working hours.

In-Company Manuvision is your reliable business partner for Employee Wellbeing.

  • Prioritizing employee health and happiness through a range of treatments,
    fitness classes, mindfulness, and breathwork activities at your office.
  • With over 20 Catalan-based certified instructors and therapists
    • English, Catalan, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Russian and French.
    • From North- and Southern Europe and from North and South America.
  • Led by a director with 20+ years of corporate experience & a PhD in business.
  • Supervised by a Manuvision advisory board.

Contact the In-Company Manuvision account manager: Katinka C. van Cranenburgh
katinka@manuvision.es / +34 655 1313 25

Sports Events

We work with athletes

At Manuvision, we offer specialized services designed for institutions, events, races, marathons and various sports competitions. Our goal is to publicize our work and enable organizations to benefit from this innovative way to improve athlete performance and recovery, creating a win-win collaboration.
Manuvision specialized services:
1. Pre-Competitive Massages
. Musculoskeletal Activation: optimal preparation of the body through techniques that increase circulation, improve joint range and activate both fine and thick fibers, leaving the muscle ready to perform at its maximum.
. Mental and Motivational Activation: Massage and breathing techniques that not only prepare athletes physically, but also enhance their motivation and concentration, helping them to be mentally ready to compete.

2. Post-Competitive Massages
. Muscle Recovery: Helps in the elimination of lactic acid and other metabolic waste accumulated during competition, reducing muscle soreness and accelerating recovery.
. axation of the Nervous System: Specific techniques to calm the nervous system, improving the quality of rest and promoting the activation of the parasympathetic system, essential for a complete and effective recovery.

3. Versatility and Adaptation
. Our services are adapted to the specific needs of each event and athlete, guaranteeing personalized and effective attention.
. Ability to integrate different techniques and approaches according to the demands of the event and the preferences of the participants.

Benefits of collaborating with Manuvision
Added Value for Your Event: By integrating Manuvision into your event, you offer participants a high-quality wellness service, improving their overall experience and highlighting your event as innovative and athlete-friendly.
Performance Improvement: Athletes will receive personalized attention that optimizes their performance, helping them achieve their best results and highlighting the level of their event.
Accelerated Recovery: ManuVision techniques facilitate faster and more effective recovery, allowing athletes to stay in top shape throughout the event.
Comprehensive Wellbeing: We promote a holistic approach that benefits both the physical and mental health of participants, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to future events organized by their institution.

Advantages for Organizations
Competitive Differentiation: By offering advanced wellness and recovery services, your event positively differentiates itself from others, attracting more participants and sponsors.
Reputation and Recognition: Collaborating with ManuVision can improve public perception of your event, associating it with innovation, care and excellence.
Greater Participation: Athletes aware of the benefits of our services will be more inclined to participate in events that include our specialized therapies and massages.
If you are interested in your organization having our therapists, do not hesitate to contact us.